For the past few years, the Skin Clays team has embarked on a journey connecting the past and present: ancient healing methods used in a modern way to counteract the negative effects of a modern lifestyle on our skin. We aim to explore these ancient methods further and reveal the unique and exclusive properties locked away within the clays’ minerals. By allowing clays and botanicals from Mother Earth to heal and restore our skin, we can return to a natural state of balance again. Skin Clays is the product of years of hard work; a journey that has challenged our team.

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Detoxing Green Full Range
  • Taiani Lange Facebook

    Healing African clay balm is amazing! I have very sensitive skin and can’t use commercial products. Saw this in a shop at Slanghoek mountain resort and bought it, so happy I did!

  • Jessica King (Facebook)

    I bought your hand cream and I absolutely love the smell and how it makes my hands feel, I will never buy any other hand cream again. I just ordered your face wash and face cream, really excited to try it!

  • Riana Joubert (Facebook)

    Thank you Ronel and the Skin Clays team, especially Kendra, for an amazing and relaxing treatment. Love the organic Skin Clays products. Definitely a proudly South African gem.