Face Care

Skin Clays offers an organic, vegan-friendly face care solution for all skin conditions.

Ingredients for these ranges are sourched locally and hand made in Durbanville, Cape Town.

Our African Queen signature blend is formalulated with natural oils rich in Vit A,D,E and F and omegas 3, 6 & 9, hight in antioxidents and a powerfull free radical scavenger.

Natural clays are included in all our facial products and naturally derived essential oils such as Cape Malva, Lemon Verbena, Rose, Lemon, Camomile as well as base oils such as baobab oil and Aloe ferox for its healing power combines in to a hydrating and soothing face care range for all skin types.

The Healing Buchu Range is formulated for problem skin, those suffering from skin conditions such as ezema and psoriasis and young, hormanal skin, including acne.

Buchu grows in the Western Cape mountains, is an indiginous remedy for inflamation and pain managment and offers amazing results within hours after first application.

The Skin Clays Men's Range consist of 4 products and offers a manly blend of Sandlewood, clove and wood essense combined with baobab, rosehip, camomile and Lemon Verbena. 

The African Queen Range Includes:

AQ Hydrating Gel Face Wash 200ml

AQ Toner 200ml

AQ Enzyme exfoliant 100ml

AQ Moisturiser 100ml


Healing Buchu Range includes:

Healing Buchu Face Wash 200ml

Healing Buchu Face Mask 50g

Healing Buchu Serum 30ml and 50ml


The Skin Clays Men's Range includes:

Gel Face Wash for Men 200ml (also a shaving medium)

2-in-1 Beard oil and serum 30ml and 50ml

Men's Moisturizer 100ml


Additional Face Care Products include:

Hydrating Baobab serum 30 and 50ml

Energysing Charcoal mask 50g

Hydrating Rose mask 50g

Night Balm with Cape Malva 100ml