Skin Clays Spa

Skin Clays offers a unique range of rituals.

These rituals combine local sounds, tools and Skin Clays products into a journey of discovery.

As part of an upliftment program to empower women, the Skin Clays team takes in a group of young ladies once per year, to train and upskill to offer deep tissue massage, Reflexology, body- and face treatments.

Some of these rituals include:

An African Safari - Hot Candle massage 

A Welcoming Ritual - warm oil is poured, painted and massaged into the scalp and body.

A Cleansing Ritual - a full body brusch, scrub, wrap and massage

African Rythm - a combination of pull, strech and push followed by a massage using your choice of organic massage bar.

Reflexology - combining foot manipulation, maridian therapy and Reflexology into a deep relaxation session.

Whether you come for 'just a massage' or a unique African Safari ritual, the pure oils and blends will sooth and calm your sense into pure relaxation.