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Full Range - Buchu

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A must-have for every home, the buchu healing range covers all bases.

From a blind pimple to a bee sting, arthritis or gout, or just a overused muscle, this range has it all.

Healing Buchy Liquid Soap (200ml) in a beautiful amber glass bottle is safe to use on the baby's red bum, or as a body or face wash after you have to spend too much time in the sun. Any irritated, sensitive, or allergic skin type can use this soothing liquid soap for fast and effective results.

Follow your wash with a gentle cream to leave a soothing and healing protective layer that is easy to apply and should reduce your discomfort within minutes.

The Healing Balm is a Skin Clay TOP 3 seller. It is popular for those suffering from arthritis, gout, or any pain. Simply rub into the area of discomfort and you will be amazed how fast you feel relieved. Best when applied after a warm shower.

The balm can even be used for menstrual pain management or applied to bites and bee stings for fast relief.

The buchu serum doubles as the Pamper Room Massage blend but is formulated as a face care product to manage oily skin, breakouts, damaged or irritated skin.

The buchu Clay mask is another favorite for oily skin or those taking daily meds and needs a boost for the immune system.

Gentle all-purpose hand soap can be used all over including your face with its healing buchu essentials to manage any symptom.

The mini-herbal ball is a fun gift to be heated for 30 seconds in the microwave and used to press or pummel over painful temples, sinuses, or muscles to reduce discomfort.

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