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Skin Clays Pty Ltd

foot scrub Ecyluptus& Mint

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Foot Scrub

The fresh Peppermint and Eucalyptus blend opens up your blocked sinuses, relieves symptoms of winter colds and flu and relaxes and restores stressed and painful muscles.

Although listed as foot scrub and muscle soak, it can also be used as a body and hand scrub as well.

Available for registered Skin Clays Spa and Salon wholesalers in 500g to 5kg


How to Use:

This product can be used as soak or scrub.

Apply to warm water for tired, swollen, and painful feet and soak your feet for up to 10 minutes.
Apply product to wet skin and rub until red as a body, hand, or foot scrub.
With sensitive skin, add water to reduce friction. (Always test a small area first!)
Leave on the skin for a few minutes during your scrub, for best results.
Wash off and apply body butter or foot balm.

Use in a steam bath for symptoms of colds, flu or sinus and hay fever or even when you have a fever.

Add into a warm bath and soak away painful muscles, joints and arthritis.

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